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Annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast Recap


On Friday, we hosted our annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast. We say it over and over again, but we could not help as many families as we do without our dedicated volunteers. Each year, our volunteer coordinator, Cheryl, throw a big party for all of our volunteers- this year, over 200 attended and enjoyed an entertaining “name that ice cream flavor” game and the sounds of Christmas Bells.

Here are a few stats about our volunteers:

Our transportation volunteers provided 476 trips for our clients, driving them to and from treatments centers.

Our volunteer receptionist come in each week, greeting our clients with a warm smile, answering phones and keeping things running smoothly. Collectively, they gave 645 hours to us this year.

Our health fair volunteers represented us at 37 events this year, offering information and material about our programs and services.

Our office helpers, wig salon stylist, card makers, ribbon makers, chef and handyman are perfect examples of the variety of skills and talents that help further our mission. Our volunteer coordinator, Cheryl, was able to calculate the hours donated for many of the other categories of volunteers, but this one was a toughy. So we put our heads together and gave it our best shot, and we came up with about 1200 hours.

Our volunteer massage therapist provided 298 relaxation massages to our clients and primary caregivers.

Our special events volunteers donated more than 1200 hours in planning, implementing, and assisting with our events.

Our sewing group volunteers make bed pads for our clients and donated 5,411 hours washing, ironing, cutting, pinning, and sewing 6,072 bed pads for us.

Our mailing volunteers folded, tabbed, stuffed, and prepared 104,007 pieces of mail this year, which included newsletters, appeals, client calendars, and inspirational letters to our clients.

All together volunteers have donated 12, 020 hours this past year.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!