Programs & Services

When people come to Cancer Services, they are connected to a Client Advocate. The Advocate works with the client and their family on an ongoing basis to assure they have access to the help they need

Clients and their families benefit from:

Services Supporting Mental Health

  • Personalized supportive counseling
  • Therapeutic mental health counseling
  • Specialized programming for children with cancer (Kids Surviving Cancer)
  • Specialized programming for children affected by cancer (Courageous Kids)
  • Cognitive rehabilitation for “chemo brain” (Clarity Project)
  • Sexual health education and counseling
  • Support communities
  • Resource library

Financial Stability Services

  • Financial assistance for cancer-related expenses
  • Transportation assistance
  • Healthcare supplies
  • Durable medical equipment loans
  • Wigs, hats, and scarves
  • Advocacy with insurers and employers
  • Information and referrals

Complimentary Care and Wellness Programs

  • Nutrition consultations and education
  • Nutrition supplies
  • Educational workshops
  • Massage
  • Exercise therapy, including yoga, tai chi and stretching