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Birthday Girl Surprises Cancer Services

Amber Nelson (middle) holds the $100 donation she gave to CSNI with the support from her mother and friends.

by Nick Kight, marketing intern

The receptionist unlocked the door. The staff members rushed to their desks to answer e-mails. The telephone rang, and the person on the other end was transferred to the person they wished to speak to. It was a typical day at Cancer Services, but at 11:40 a.m. on Aug. 4, something unexpected happened.

Amber Nelson of Bluffton, Ind., walked into Cancer Services with her mom and a group of friends. Amber was celebrating her 13th birthday, and her mom took her and her friends to Fort Wayne for the day to celebrate. They had one stop to make though before the celebrations could commence. Amber wanted to donate the $100 she collected to help support our cause here at Cancer Services.

Amber began collecting loose change, and whenever she found some, she placed the change into a jar. She gathered $100 in change and donated the money to us.

I think back to when I was a kid, and if I ever saved up $100, I would like to think that I would have donated the money, but since I strive to be honest, I have to admit I probably would have wasted my money away on Pokemon cards or something. I find it amazing to see a 13-year-old, on her own accord, willingly separate herself from a Ben Franklin. Amber Nelson has such a heart, and we at Cancer Services cannot thank her enough for being so selfless and helping us financially support our mission to assist those diagnosed with cancer.

Amber mentioned she hopes to continue finding loose change around the house and would like to bring the jar back to Cancer Services every time she collects $100.

On behalf of Cancer Services, we wish you a VERY HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY Amber!