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Comfort During Chaos

by Gail Hamm, program director

For whatever reason, this morning is not proceeding as I would like it to. It is filled with chaos and uncertainty. There are staff members who are ill, volunteers who are unable to assist, meetings to attend, and a phone that is constantly ringing.

The chaos this morning reminds me of the chaos that a cancer patient experiences. Best intentions have slid away and nothing is as it is supposed to be. The normal pattern of the day has been disrupted and I am left wondering what will happen next. People I had counted on are not here. I am being pulled in all directions. I don’t know what will happen next.

But even as I am feeling the uncertainty of today and the next few days, my discomfort is nothing compared to that of a cancer patient. While my anxiety is temporary, that of a newly diagnosed cancer patient, at times, appears to have no end.

The Client Advocates at Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana are familiar with the anxiety and chaos felt by cancer patients and their families. The Advocates are able to provide stability through active listening, information and referral, assistance with problem solving skills, and procurement of needed equipment and supplies.

The first place to call after a cancer diagnosis is Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana…(260) 484-9560 or toll free (866) 484-9560.

We are here to help you deal with the chaos that a cancer diagonosis can cause. Please help us spread that message.