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“I Had No Idea!” How Well Do You Really Know Us?

by Linda Bewley, outreach coordinator

My job is to inform people what Cancer Services does for people with cancer in Northeast Indiana. When I meet with people or groups, I start by asking how many are familiar with our organization. Often, many people raise their hands. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to a supervisory group where most expressed knowledge of our organization, so I gave a brief refresher course. When I was almost finished speaking, a woman raised her hand and said, “I had no idea you did so much!” Several others chimed in, a lot of notes were taken, and all my handouts disappeared. Since then, I’ve received numerous requests to speak to various medical offices about our organization.

From a non-medical perspective, my exercise teacher visited our facility for a tour. She formed a Lapper team and wanted to be sure she could accurately explain Cancer Services to her friends who made donations. Her words were, “I had no idea!” Later that week, when I attended my exercise class, she told the class she had taken a tour of CSNI and her next words were, “I had no idea this organization did so much for so many people.”

These words send two messages : One, more people need to know about the great work our organization does, and two, they open doors for endless opportunities to spread the word. I like message # 2 best!

If you would like a tour, please consider attending our monthly Friends for Lunch event, which includes a tour and light lunch. These events are hosted the 4th Friday of every month and are free and open to the public. RSVP to Amber Recker by email or via phone (260) 484-9560.