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Mattress Warehouse’s annual ad campaign continues to raise money for CSNI

Janet Stephenson, board chair; Fran and her staff; Dianne May, CEO

Fran Good, owner of Mattress Warehouse, has sponsored a fundraising campaign every December for the past 6 years to benefit our organization. Several years ago, Fran’s best friend Terry was diagnosed with cancer and came to our organization for assistance. We answered his questions and provided him with the supplies he needed to make his cancer journey a little easier. Because of the impact we had on Terry’s life, Fran has decided to give back as much as she can and does so through the annual fundraising campaign. Terry passed away a few years ago and Fran says she wants to do something to keep his memory alive. A portion of mattress sales during the month of December is donated to us, and this year, Fran and her team presented our board with a check for $7,500.

“People tell me they come in during December to buy a new mattress specifically because we donate to Cancer Services. You’ve touched a lot of people ,” Fran says. “You help without asking questions and give people the support they need. That’s a big deal and I will never forget how much you helped Terry and me.”

We are so thankful for Mattress Warehouse’s ongoing support and for our friendship with Fran and her staff.