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Musings from a Recovering Flu Patient

by Gail Hamm, program director

I have found that I rarely appreciate what I have, or don’t have, until I experience the opposite.

For instance, I take for granted that: I will sleep each night & feel refreshed in the morning, until I sleep the night and day away.

I take for granted that: I will cough occasionally but not all day and all night.

I take for granted that: I can meet friends for meals and chats, not have to cancel and change my routine.

I take for granted that: I will have the energy to begin or complete tasks, not feel listless and exhausted.

…..And then I am reminded that the clients I work with on a daily basis quite often feel just as exhausted, are sad because they can’t do the things they want to be doing, and are at times, miserable.

While my flu symptoms inconvenient, they are temporary and not even close to the experiences of people with cancer. I am grateful for good general health, and I appreciate the occasional reminder that tells me I am not in charge and that life is indeed precious.