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New Program starting in 2015

Financial Coaches

Cancer Services will be launching a new program in 2015 with the goal of better helping clients deal with the financial stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis.  The Financial Coaches program will provide individual financial planning education to clients and their families who need it.

The new program is possible because of a grant Cancer Services received from the Foundation for Financial Planning. Cancer Services was one of only two cancer agencies in the county to receive the grant in 2014. Cancer Services leaders are using a similar program at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Massachusetts as a model. That program was originally funded by a grant from the same foundation.

We are fortunate to have eight highly qualified volunteers who will be providing pro bono financial planning information. The volunteers are CPA’s or certified financial advisers who will assist clients with budgeting, debt management, estate planning and insurance issues.

The program is needed because it will provides clients access to valuable financial planning services from experts that they otherwise might not be able to afford  due to the fact they are already maxed out financially and stressed by their cancer diagnosis.

The plan is for Cancer Services client advocates to begin making referrals to the Financial Coaches in the spring.