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Our Holiday Wish List

As the holiday gift giving season gets underway, consider adding some items to your shopping cart to help those with cancer in our community.

Cancer affects a family in many ways and can make an especially large impact on a family during the holidays. Faced with prescription costs and cancer-related treatment bills, many struggle to provide the bare minimum to keep their household afloat. The most widely distributed items from our warehouse are incontinence products, specifically the pull-up kind. Consider adding these items to your online order from Amazon.com or to your shopping cart this holiday season.

These items will be distributed directly to our clients.
Click on each picture for a direct link to the product page on Amazon.com.
Prevail Protective Underwear & Super Absorbency
Depends Underwear for Men and Women
Amazon offers the ability to ship to multiple addresses, so you can simply add them to your cart and ship them directly to us.
Our address is 6316 Mutual Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46825.
Thank you for thinking of us this holiday season!