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Rediscovering the value of “Undivided Attention”

by Dianne May, president & CEO

Well, this weekend I became one of them. You know, the people who spend all of their time paying more attention to their electronic device than the people they are with. I’m not proud of it, in fact, now that I have a Monday morning perspective, I’m embarrassed by the number of times and ways I let myself be interrupted.

The number of competing voices that want or need our attention can be overwhelming. Work, social relationships, family time—the commitments are all important. In fact, they are so important that each is frequently deserving of our undivided attention.

Undivided attention. My third grade teacher used to require our “undivided attention.” Surely, if I could learn that skill at the age of 8, I can figure out how to do it now. I’m pretty sure that my friends and family will tell me I’m not nearly as good at multi-tasking as I think I am. They deserve more and I resolve to do better.