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Regina’s Life Lesson #5: Pay off your credit cards every month

Cheryl Dafforn, staff member

Between now and October 13, our employees, volunteers and clients will share some of our thoughts and reflections in regards to Regina Brett’s life lessons. Today, volunteer coordinator Cheryl Dafforn shares her thoughts on “paying off your credit card every month.”

“My father always said it was fine to use your credit card as long as you pay it off when the bill comes each month. That is easier said than done when you are young and living paycheck to paycheck. You never plan on the car breaking down or that emergency room visit.

After many years of playing the credit card shuffle, it is so nice to say I am living one of my father’s ‘life lessons.’ Now that I am older and have paid off my credit cards, I am able to put money aside for those unexpected things in life. I no longer dread getting my bill in the mail and love the satisfaction that comes from paying my bill in full.

I can just see dad looking over my shoulder smiling with great pride that his little girl is following one of his many life lessons.”

~Cheryl Dafforn, staff member