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Remain Cool and Safe During These Hot Summer Days

by Brandon Bower, Client Advocate

It’s hot out there! When my mom was dealing with her bout with cancer, the Dr. warned us about excessive heat. He said that those who have a weakened immune system, those on medications, or those who have recently had surgery are more prone to heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

He advised my mom to stay out of the sun, and if she had to go outside, to stay in the shade and take an umbrella for additional protection from the sun. He recommended that she drink 5-7 bottles of water per day and to eat smaller meals throughout the day. He also strongly suggested that she stay inside in an air-conditioned environment.

This advice is a good reminder for all of us during these dog days of summer. Remember to check on those you love, offer them a chance to hang out in your air-conditioned house if they don’t have access to air-conditioning, or locate your local county cooling centers.

Remember, any medication can intensify the effects of the heat, so check with your doctor to see the best ways to cope with the heat while on medication. Cancer Services wants you to remain cool and safe during these hot summer days.