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Spread the Word!

by Gail Hamm, program director

Cancer Services’ Client Advocates often hear this lament from a new client: “I wish I had heard about you sooner!” Of course we think we are doing everything the get the word out…news releases, Facebook, Twitter, Friends for Lunch, the Cancer Services’ website, brochures and folders at treatment centers, community presentations, etc. But these messages are not enough. We need your help to bring people to Cancer Services sooner.

People are amazed by all the items in our warehouse. Whether a camisole for a client about to have a mastectomy, gauze bandages for a wound, a hospital bed to allow a patient to sleep in an elevated position…all the services at Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana are here to make the lives of people with cancer and their families better.

In addition, clients in any stage of their cancer find that support groups are very helpful. Both clients and caregivers benefit from being able to talk with others to find out what to expect before, during and after treatment.

Most people believe that they have plenty of support from family, friends and their faith community. But Cancer Services is unique. Where else, in one place, can you find no-charge 1-on-1 emotional support from advocates, financial assistance, information about community and national resources, medical equipment and supplies, library, wig salon, massage, exercise, support groups and educational workshops?

So tell your friends and neighbors. Spread the word. Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana is the first place to go to after a diagnosis of cancer!