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Am I a Survivor?

By Gail Hamm, Program Director “……and wonder if I will be one of the survivors….” Recently a Cancer Services’ client made the following comment on the evaluation she returned to… Read more »

A Delicate Dance

by Gail Hamm, Program Director There is a certain tension between caregivers and patients- a delicate dance, if you will. Each tries to protect the other. And even if communication… Read more »

Hope Alive…

by Nimal Gernando, cancer survivor and Cancer Services client One beautiful day in June 2008, I was attending a conference in Indianapolis and developed a slight and sudden pain in… Read more »

Caregivers and Patients

by Gail Hamm, Program Director The caregiver is the unsung hero in the medical journey. Caregivers provide hands-on care and encouragement. They may provide care as an act of love,… Read more »

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