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Team Peterson’s Lapper Story

Team Peterson

By Kathy Peterson

Mother and Cancer. Two words that have the most beautiful and ugliest meanings in life. But that is why my family sponsored the “Peterson” team in last years Lapper.

My brother Joe, from Pittsburgh, came to walk for the mother of his two children, Diana. She died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 48, leaving behind a 17-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter.

Our niece Annie, from Decatur, was fighting ovarian cancer at the time of last year’s Lapper. Close to Thanksgiving, she died at the age of 53, leaving behind three children, one a daughter who just graduated from high school.

Both mothers were young and spirit filled before cancer stole their life. The Lapper was the perfect opportunity to show our support.

During the walk, the guys – husband, son, two brothers and son in law – took turns hoisting our 4-year-old grandson onto their shoulders when he got tired. We all took turns pushing my 83-year-old mother in her wheelchair. Young and old – doesn’t matter – cancer touches all ages.

There is something special about walking around Foster Park on a a still spring morning in your Cancer Services of NE Indiana T-shirt, honoring those you love.

For our family it was all about Mothers.

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