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The Importance of Communication

by Dianne May, president & CEO

There are many reasons to communicate with another person. Most fall into one of three categories. We need someone to help us accomplish something; maybe do a favor for us or help us get something we need. Sometimes we need another person to know something about us or understand us in a particular way. And sometimes our communication is about maintaining a connection or changing our relationship with another person. All of these goals are valid.

Human relationships can be complicated and facing a life-threatening disease like cancer can simultaneously help us focus: “I can’t think about anything other than getting well again” and overwhelm us: “there is so much to take in, I don’t know what to do next.” Whichever position you find yourself in, don’t stop communicating. Your family and friends need to know what you need from them and they want to understand how you are feeling. Your medical team wants to maintain clear channels of communication and sometimes you will need to find the words to tell someone that right now you need to focus on your own situation.

The client advocates at Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana can be good sounding boards, letting you test out the words and ways you want to communicate with someone important. That’s why we’re here—so no one has to walk the cancer journey alone.