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Time Well Spent with Cancer Services, an intern’s reflection

As my time with Amber and the rest of the staff here at Cancer Services begins to wrap up, I have taken some time to reflect on my journey that brought me to this wonderful organization.

Seven years ago, cancer touched my family. I remember every detail and emotion of the day my sister and I found out that our mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Cancer is a scary word that nobody ever wants to hear and is a journey found all too common for many individuals and families today. Cancer Services is here for this very reason, and I’m happy to be a positive voice for this organization today in spreading its mission to others!

I am evermore grateful for this opportunity I was given to spend my semester with Cancer Services. As I sit here thinking about how this will be the last blog post that I get to be a part of, it makes me not quite ready to move on from here. This experience was so much more than just a marketing internship for me; it has become a journey of learning about service, a service I hope to contribute to for years to come.

I knew the day I stepped foot into the offices of Cancer Services for a Friends For Lunch event with Amber that this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Touring the facility and hearing all the stories she shared with us, it really hit home for me. Standing in the wig room brought back memories of shaving my mom’s head and finally being able to make something so emotional into something we could laugh and giggle about together.

When I hear passion, I can immediately relate it to Amber. She has this passion about her that continues to grow for others to feed off of. Amber is a very valuable person to Cancer Services and our entire community. I don’t even question the fact of losing contact with Amber. The mentor that she has been for me and will continue to be is what drives me to learn and to serve others.

In all honesty, I was nervous when I initially found out I would be the voice of the Cancer Services blog and e-Carelines newsletter, along with much more. I came into this position freshly deciding on pursuing a Public Relations minor because of the role that it plays in marketing and communications for companies. I have always enjoyed writing, but never had the confidence in myself to prepare content for anything other than what was necessary for some English class research paper. All it took was minor direction from Amber and I was able to develop myself into an efficient and confident writer. When faced with a challenge, I was able to teach myself how to work to overcome it.

Although I didn’t think I would ever come to the end of this blogging spectrum I’ve been apart of the past four months, I was wrong. Because as I sit here on my last day with Cancer Services typing this blog, I realize this is my last time speaking to the volunteers, clients, community and staff of Cancer Services by use of my very own words. I hope to know that I was able to connect with all of you through my blogging for the organization.

I have extremely enjoyed getting to know and work along side each and every member of the staff here at Cancer Services. I know that from all of them leading by example, I am just another step closer to being prepared to step out into the real world of marketing and public relations. I would like to thank you all for each opportunity I was given and for believing in me along the way.

I look forward to keeping in touch!

Kristin Newbauer
Fall 2011 Marketing Intern