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Volunteer Spotlight: Bill Seidel

Bill Seidel facilitates the “Us Too” Prostate Cancer Support Group, as well as the Advanced Prostate Cancer Discussion Group at Cancer Services. During their regular meetings, he spends countless hours providing encouragement and support to hundreds of men with prostate cancer. As part of his work with the support groups, Bill recognized the need for a caregivers’ support group for spouses and partners of men with prostate cancer. He and his wife, Laine, initiated this group in March of 2009. He also networks at a national level with prostate cancer research and support groups and stays informed about the latest research and advocacy issues, bringing that insight back to Cancer Services to help his support group attendees.

In addition to his volunteer work with the support groups, Bill dedicates his time towards programs like Cancer Services’ Tie 1 On 4 Prostate Cancer Campaign, which focuses on spreading the word about prostate cancer in Northeast Indiana. He pulled together a team of volunteers who would be willing to make the campaign a success, and also conceptualized a design for the displays, which consist of two wooden cut out ties and a banner hanging in the middle promoting prostate cancer awareness. He and his team of volunteers distributed the large displays throughout northeast Indiana during September, which is Prostate Awareness Month, but he didn’t stop there. He also wanted to provide an opportunity for men and their families to get together, learn more about this disease, and ask questions. On September 18, 2010, Cancer Services hosted Tie 1 on 4 Prostate Cancer Seminar. It featured presentations on recent developments and advanced treatments, maintaining and enhancing men’s sexual health, the role of nutrition in preventing and fighting prostate cancer, and exercise. Bill’s leadership was instrumental in locating quality speakers and securing funding. He handled publicity through various media organizations, and led his team of inexperienced but willing prostate cancer survivors to accomplish this goal.

Bill accomplished so much in a very short time as a volunteer for Cancer Services. He regularly donates approximately twenty hours per month, but during the months of planning Tie 1 On, he put in fifty to seventy hours. We are grateful for his commitment to our organization and we cannot thank him enough.

The Governor’s Award for Volunteer Service recognizes people who have voluntarily contributed time and talent to the betterment of their communities. It is our honor to have nominated Bill Seidel for this award for his dedication and commitment to Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana.