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Volunteer Spotlight: Susan Swardenski

Susan Swardenski

Susan Swardenski may be 71 years old, but she has the energy of a 25 year old!

Susan became involved with Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana when her 47-year-old son was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009—the same year Cancer Services’ Tribute Dinner focused on prostate cancer. Susan walked into Cancer Services and said she wanted to help out and found herself on the Tribute Dinner committee. The rest is, as they say, history.

From there she became involved with the Tie1On for Prostate Cancer Seminar, Survivors Day Celebration and Lapper and started teaching Tai Chi at Cancer Services.

“It’s amazing what Cancer Services can do for someone dealing with a crisis,” says Susan. “And in a small way, I can make a difference. I never feel unneeded when I volunteer with Cancer Services.”

Susan says that Cancer Services is a blessing to Fort Wayne; she just wishes that more people knew about it.

“When I tell people that everything is free, their eyes get wide,” says Susan. “They can’t believe that they can get a hospital bed or counseling for free. Anything you need, Cancer Services can help you get and if Cancer Services doesn’t have it, someone there will help you get it.”

Her son has had a clean bill of health for two years now, but that doesn’t deter Susan’s involvement. On the contrary, it continues to increase it! On top of the volunteer activities she was already a part of, Susan is the only woman on the prostate cancer committee and though that is a source of some amusement to her and the committee, she says that the men on the committee have been a source of support and comfort to her.

Susan says that one of the best things about Cancer Services is that you can see exactly where your fundraising and volunteer hours are going—right back into the community.

“Cancer Services is a great place for my energy,” says Susan.