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What it’s like to work at Cancer Services

by Linda Bewley, outreach coordinator

A few weeks ago, while I was covering the front desk, a man came in asking if we had wigs and hats.  I told him that we do and after talking for a couple of minutes he said he’d go out to the car and get the person who needed one.  Since he seemed a little hesitant, I first walked him to the wig room door so he could see what we had.  He went outside, and after about 5 minutes of talking to someone in the car, I saw a woman emerge.  She carefully stood up and the two of them slowly made their way into the building. They met with a Client Advocate and later they toured the warehouse. Then, they went into the wig salon.  After a while, the wig salon door opened and out came the woman with a spring in her step, sporting a cute short wig.  But, the best part was she was wearing a huge smile on her face!  She talked to me about wigs and hair and then her smile got even bigger when someone came around the corner, heard our conversation and said that she would never have known the woman was wearing a wig.

That’s what we’re about here at Cancer Services—helping people during a very difficult time in their lives—giving them an emotional boost when things just seem too overwhelming.   The smile on her face as she left our office made me proud to say I work for Cancer Services.