November is Men’s Health Awareness month! Did you know one in two men is diagnosed with cancer in his lifetime? The good thing is, there are steps every man can take to live a longer life.

Show the dudes in your life that you’re on their side by participating in Dudevember by Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana! Together, we can change the lives of men and the people who love them.

How to Participate:

Choose your style.
Try something different with your hair.

No-shave. Don’t shave your beard or mustache all month!
Get creative. Embrace the crazy hair—everyone welcome!
Bring the clippers. Show us your shaved designs!

Practice healthy habits.
Want to leave your hair alone? No problem! Focus on building a healthy habit this month.

Share your story.
Tell your network why you’re raising awareness for men’s health.

Know the facts.
Share a fact about men’s health that you want the men in your life to know.

Securely donate to Cancer Services here. Every day, Cancer Services supports men facing cancer.


Consider hosting an awareness and fundraising campaign at your workplace!

Improve awareness for men’s health amongst your employees.
Men and women benefit from educational information about men’s health, especially risk factors for cancer.

Show employees you care about their health.
Healthier employees mean a healthier bottom line for your business.

Support a positive work culture.
Dudevember is a great opportunity for internal team-building.

Dude, I’m in! What’s next?

Individuals: Post on social media that you’re participating in Dudevember! Share your pledge and a photo of your new hairstyle or healthy habit. Be sure to tag Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana so we can cheer you on.

If you’d like to raise funds to support local men with cancer, share this link and encourage your family and friends to donate: https://www.cancer-services.org/product/donate-to-dudevember/

Employers: Contact Stacey Stumpf, Director of Development, at 260-484-9560 or sstumpf@cancer-services.org to sign up and get access to our Dudevember Workplace Toolkit.